Tuesday, January 10, 2012

THE PERFECT SUMMER by Juliet Nicolson (non-fic paper)

1911 was the "perfect summer!"  It was one of the hottest on record in England.  Juliet Nicolson's social history of 1911 is a fascinating read. It covers one lovely summer including the new royals, George V and Queen Mary, the gentry (who with nothing to occupy them except good times were the forerunners of the wild 20s), and the working and serving classses as well.  If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, you will appreciate this book.  The television series began in 1911, and one can see the seeds of unrest in the serving and working classes of England.  It is a summer of strikes, new movements in art, literature and dance.  Many famous politicians, artists, and society doyans make their appearance in this hot hot summer. Most of all it is the calm before the storm of World War I.  Recommended reading.

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