Friday, January 20, 2012

LOVE AGAIN by Doris Lessing (fiction)

Doris Lessing is one of the great writers, born in 1919.  She grew up in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and now lives in London.  If you have never read any of her books, there are wonderful choices out there, fiction, non-fiction and short stories.  I was excited to find "Love Again" especially since the jacket cover told me it dealt with middle-aged love, young love, and old love.  The story revolves around a repertory acting group who are presenting a play in France and England about Julie Vallon, a Martinique quadroon. She was the daughter of a slave, living in the 19th century, who left home with her soldier lover to settle in France. There she writes music and lives the life of an artist. The story mirrors Julie's life and loves with the modern romances of the acting company.  The plot sounded interesting, but the novel proved not one of Lessing's best.  If you are not familiar with Doris Lessing's writing, but would like to read polished writing, choose one of her older novels.

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