Thursday, January 12, 2012


If you are a fan of P.D. James and a fan of Jane Austin, you can't miss with this book.  James has the period prose down pat, and it is fun to meet up again with Elizabeth, Darcy, the Bennetts, and the odious Wickham.  Keeping in mind that James who was born in 1920, stylistically is still writing circles around younger mystery writers, sit back and enjoy these old friends again like familiar neighbors.  The actual mystery is not very challenging, and you will probably figure out the plot, but the enjoyment is in the bringing the characters back to life, and entering a romantic period of time where the reader can luxuriate in the fashion and manners when gentlemen and ladies did not stray from values and mores set down by the laws of social intercourse.  Not particularly thought provoking or profound, but absolutely fun.

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