Saturday, February 25, 2012


Mimi Alford writes about a time in her life that I found sad and brought back that era when young woman were naive and idealistic.  The way John Kennedy and the first family really lived was so very different from the way he was presented to the American public.  I remember how we idolized our young president.  Those of us who were teens in that era, all wanted to go into the Peace Corps.  Kennedy and the energy that surrounded him inspired us in a way that was lost for all time as the Viet Nam war overtook our lives and left us disillusioned.
Mimi Alford was part of that generation.  What she exposes to us is the extent to which reality differed from her schoolgirl dreams.  The book is simply written and even boring at times.  There was so much happening politically and globally that she never touches on.  Rather we are witness to assignations and the degrading treatment given to this teenager who so passively gives in to the appetites of a powerful and flawed man.  If you were alive during Kennedy's presidency,  you may read this with sadness at the slimy truth behind the glamorous facade.

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