Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DARKSIDE by Belinda Bauer (fic/mys)

If you enjoy mystery novels, this is an excellent choice.  Belinda Bauer has set her story in Shipcott, a small English Village.  At the center of the story is the town's only policeman, Jonas Holly who grew up in the village.  He is married to Lucy who is crippled by MS and is housebound.  A single murder brings in detective and forensic scientists from the local district.  This sets up a conflict between Jonas and the acerbic and sarcastic detective Marvel.  One murder is followed by several others and the mystery deepens.  The story soon becomes dark and creepy.  As the reader is drawn in, and begins to suspect the murderer, suspense builds to a horrific climax.  I recommend this book;  you will find it hard to put down.   

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