Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ENVIOUS MOON by Thomas Christopher Greene

This book has been sitting on my reading pile for a while and when I picked it up, I saw that the setting is Galilee, R.I., an area that I know quite well.  It is the story of obsessive love between two scarred teenagers, from two different social groups.  I found the story somewhat unrealistic, but I kept reading like one does with a summer read. I couldn't find anything in the male character's development to cause him to act so recklessly. The girl's fascination with him was easier to believe.  Because the writing is fairly simple, it is a quick read, and you will finish it in a day or two.  It is a diverting story for a winter day at home or a summer day at the beach.  I can't think why the author uses a few real place names and makes up names for other obvious places in New England, especially the island which could be Block Island or Jamestown. 

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