Sunday, April 22, 2018

THE THIRST by Jo Nesbo (fiction/thriller)

I thought I was Jo Nesbo(ed) out after I finished this latest Harry Hole thriller.  But, I read a review of his latest book, “Macbeth,” and I might have to reconsider.  “Macbeth” is part of the reconfigured Shakespeare series, in which authors write a contemporary novel based on Shakespeare’s original.  I reviewed Anne Tyler’s “Vinegar Girl” which is part of the same series.  The thought of Nesbo taking on “Macbeth” is too juicy to ignore.

At any rate, “The Thirst” follows the same formula that has made Nesbo famous, lots of gore, angst, murders, and Harry.  In this book Harry is married to Rakel and his step-son, Oleg is a police intern and has shaken off his addictions, Harry though, maybe not.  Harry’s workmates are also here with all their hangups.  Early in the book, we meet the murderous villain, this time a vampire-like killer who wreaks havoc with some specially made steel dentures.  Enough said.

If you are a fan of Nesbo and Harry, this will not disappoint.  I still think “The Snowman” is his best.

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