Wednesday, September 6, 2017

COCKROACHES by Jo Nesbo (fiction)

This is the second Harry Hole book Nesbo wrote.  If you are a fan of Nordic noir and Jo Nesbo and you haven’t read this thriller, you will like it.  It is not necessary to read the Harry Hole mysteries in older and this book, while written in the 90s, was not published in the States until 2013.  The story takes place in Thailand, and though not as good or as polished as his later work, you can see how Nesbo developed as a writer.  There is no need to write a review of this book, because you are either a Nesbo fan or not.  If you have never read one of his books, I would not start with this one.  You might try “The Snowman,” or “The Redbreast.”  You may find yourself hooked and move on to others.”The Snowman” is currently being made into a movie, so it might be a good one to begin with.  Michael Fassbender plays Harry Hole.  Good choice I would say, and I hope the movie lives up to its namesake.

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