Saturday, January 28, 2017

SATURDAY REQUIEM by Nicci French (fic)

The husband and wife writing team who write under the name de plume of Nicci French have written this sixth book in the continuing Frieda Klein series.  Unlike the previous books in this series, this novel could be read as a stand alone.  Though the principal characters reoccur in this book, the protagonist Dean Reeve remains hidden.  If you have read French's previous books, you know that Frieda Klein is a London psychotherapist who works (reluctantly on both sides) with police investigators in murder cases.  Old friends from previous cases are here to help, especially Josef who seems to have made Frieda his mission in life.  He can assist at any time of day or night at a moments notice.  It is a mystery, all in itself, to me how the man can keep a job.  I guess because he is a carpenter, he is more or less his own boss.  Another mystery is how grumpy Frieda can keep so many devoted friends.

I became disenchanted after the first two books in the series and bored with Frieda's dark side.  Yet, the first book was so good, that I became hooked, needing to know what would be the final destiny of Dean Reeve.  So, here we are many books later and the "week" has not ended.  Dean is as elusive as ever, necessitating a seventh book, no doubt with Sunday in the title.  I can only hope that one will put me out of my misery.

This book is better than the last three and except for a rushed ending that seemed tacked on,  I found it more interesting.  Again I caution readers not to confuse Nicci French mysteries with Tana French mystery/thrillers who is a superior writer and a better story teller.

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