Saturday, April 26, 2014

LOOKING FORWARD by Gillian Tindall (fic)

Gillian Tindall has written a large number of books.  Looking Forward was written back in the early 80s and was lent to me by a friend. Because she is a popular British author, the book is still available.

As I read, I realized this story would be perfect for Masterpiece. It possesses all of the elements that American viewers like about British film series, and it has enough of them to fill several seasons.

Looking Forward opens in the early 20th century and follows the fortunes of a young woman from her early years to her death in the latter years of the century. Mary Howard studied medicine when it was not a common career choice for young women who were supposed to look to marriage as one's career. Mary worked in the poor East End neighborhoods of London, and eventually became a well-known pioneer for birth control.  In contrast to Mary is her cousin Dodie born and raised in colonial India.  After World War I Dodie falls into the fast life of a twenties flapper. As these two women grow and age, the reader follows their fortunes, loves, travels and mistakes.

Tindall writes well. Her story moves at a stately pace, but has enough of a plot that the reader does not become bored. If you enjoy British period drama, you may enjoy this novel.

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